The Light Itself

The Light Itself

A few nights ago I had an interesting string of dreams that I wanted to share with you. Through lucid dreaming, I was able to revisit a dream several times moving forward in the plot of that dream and controlling the outcome.

I was dreaming a common hero saving the world dream where there was of some sort of revolution where people were rising against an oppressor and I was helping them. At one point I woke up and I was frustrated of leaving the people behind. I decided to go back to the same place in my next dream and it worked. I ended up going several time in the same dream being able to choose where or when I would enter. It gave me an edge to help the people, but it also made me draw the attention of the oppressor, so I had to be careful.

The last dream of the chain, I decided to go as far as I could in the future to get the most useful information. I ended up in an empty space beyond the present of the timeline of that dream. I was in a place and a time that didn’t exist yet in the dream. The room was empty except for a bed. It was night time. I could hear the activity of the people living in that dream world from a distance. The noise was drawing closer. I thought if they found me here, I would draw too much attention and jeopardies my attempt at helping the people. The solution I found was to get into the bed that was in that empty room and sleep. If I fall asleep in a dream, that would end the dream (and save the people from their suffering). So I did and the chain of dreams ended.

My analysis is as follows: It is a dream of IAO (Isis, Apophis, Osiris). It is a hermetic concept of birth and rebirth in a new form. Isis is the Mother, symbol of birth. Apophis is the chaos and destruction, symbol of death. Osiris is the Egyptian equivalent of Christ, the sacrificed one who is born anew as an immortal, symbol of rebirth. The chain of dreams was a symbol of the beads of incarnations on the thread of Karma. Falling asleep was birth (Isis). The dream of upheaval was life with its human suffering (Apophis). And the falling asleep in the room beyond time and space was rebirth in a new form (Osiris). Finding a way to end the chain of dreams (deaths and rebirths) to end the upheaval (suffering) by sleeping inside the dream (being reborn) instead of letting the dream end (dying) was a transcendence, Enlightenment, IAO.

Controlling dreams is incredible. I’m working on a new guide series for the website, it should include a page on Lucid Dreaming. Let me know if you are interested!

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