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Altair has years of experience practicing Theravada Buddhist Meditation at an advanced level (Supramundane Jhana, 4th Path and Nirodha-Samapatti). His endless curiosity drives him to study as many spiritual systems as possible: Thelema, Jungian Individuation, The Six Yogas of Naropa, Kuji In, Yoga, Hermeticism, Shamanism and entheogens, Sigil Magic, Magic from Antiquity (Egyptian and Greaco-Roman), Gnosticism, Dzogchen, Idealism and Advaita Vedanta philosophy.

Altair has consigned his thoughts in short essays and first book is on the way (more info soon).

Altair remains available for spiritual coaching (on a donation basis). Request information here: bruno.dharma AT

Of Wonders

Two Essays on the nature of Reality

“Of Wonders” is a creative nonfiction essay on the nature of Reality. Following the exchange between a Mystic and his Pupil, the first of the two short stories invites the reader to contemplate the oneness of the Universe by way of reason. The second attempts to bring about the realization by personal experience.

Type: Essay

Date: 20-10-2023

Number of pages: 13

Of Harpocrates and Nuit

An Essay on Buddhist Meditation for Thelemites

“Of Harpocrates and Nuit – An Essay on Buddhist Meditation for Thelemites” explores the relationship between Theravada Buddhist meditation and Thelema, the religion of Aleister Crowley. The short book attempts to bridge the two traditions and reveals their similarities. It proposes a clear correspondence between the concepts exposed by Thelema in Buddhist terms so that Thelemites can explore the Concentration and Insight Meditation of the Theravada tradition.

Type: Essay

Date: 24-09-2023

Number of pages: 42

Entheogenic Ritual​

A guide to using psychedelics for spiritual practice.

“Entheogenic Ritual – A practical guide to using psychedelics for spiritual practice” explores ways to control the untamable beast that dwell within entheogens. Leveraging the Set and Setting, the web essay suggests ways to shape the experience and lift the psychonaut to the mystical height of which the substances have the secret.

Type: Web page

Date: 28-05-2023

Number of pages: 18