The Light Itself

The Light Itself

Entheogenic Ritual

A practical guide to using psychedelics for spiritual practice.

Leveraging the Set and Setting


Entheogens is the name given to the use of psychedelics in a spiritual context.

Psychedelics are a wonderful tool that allows us to deconstruct reality and study it in a way that is impossible otherwise. They are a divine gift. They often leave the psychonaut under the impression they have just experienced God. The term entheogen literally means “that which generate the divine inside”. Any psychedelic can be considered entheogenic. It’s simply a matter of point of view. If what you experience under the influence of a specific substance has a mystical character to you, then it’s fair to call it an entheogen.

However, as spiritual as psychedelics can get, they are an untamable wild beast that we can’t control. We can’t decide what we see under the influence. The substance forces us into submission and only when we surrendered does it show us everything we ever dreamed of and more. As anyone who has ever tried can attest, resisting or attempting to control it only leads to a hellish ordeal. However, there are ways to gently steer the untamable beast and shape what can’t be controlled. Through the hazards of my multi-faceted spiritual practice, I have stumbled upon a method. The mystical treasures it brought me are so beautiful that I must share them with you in these pages.

An entheogenic ritual is a shamanic practice usually meant for healing, but not only. This ritual is based on the set and setting. The idea is to create an environment susceptible to stimulate our imagination so that the trip will be influenced by a set and setting we choose. If we are successful, we can chose to have a trip that will enhance our spiritual practice.

In its rawest form, this ritual, executed successfully, can give you the impression of meeting with God (whether you believe in God or not). I will leave it to you to decide whether or not that impression correlates to anything true. Either way, you will at east be left with an experience that you identify as meeting God. You will have something tangible to work towards in your spiritual practice. This boon is priceless. 

For another example of the benefits of the entheogenic ritual presented in these pages, it can potentially take you a few steps ahead of your current level in meditation, so you can experience first hand where you are going. If you can bring back new ideas, theories or principles, they will prove invaluable on your journey, outside of the effect of the substance.