The Light Itself

The Light Itself

Here be dragons


A mandatory disclaimer is in order. I cannot in good conscience recommend or encourage you to take psychotropic substances. They can be dangerous to your physical health and to your mental sanity. Some of them are also illegal in most countries. 

The purpose of this website is not the entheogens themselves, but the ritual that surrounds them.

My personal opinion on the legality issue is psychedelics have no business being treated the same as heroine or other dangerous substances. Psychedelics can be dangerous, but not to the point where we need government oversight. There is no addiction and physical hazard is extremely low. The only real danger is psychological. Don’t take them if you can’t handle them. On another hand, psychedelics will open your mind and the people in power don’t want that. They didn’t sign those laws to protect you from psychedelics. They signed those laws to protect themselves from psychedelics. 

I must also warn you about harmala. It is a substance often taken alongside psychedelics (mostly DMT, but not only). It’s important that you know that harmala can be dangerous in certain circumstances. I’m not a doctor, but as far as I understand it, harmala weakens the way your body processes and defends itself against certain substances. In the case of psychedelics, a portion of them is destroyed by the immune system before it reaches your brain. It logically means harmala allows more of the compound to reach your brain, which strengthen the effect. It can double or even triple the effect, so choose your dose accordingly. It will also make you susceptible to certain intoxications that your body would normally process without effort. In general, it is recommended to take harmala on an empty stomach and to fast during that day the effect of the harmala can linger though so you need to be carefuol the next day as well. Food that is known to have some contraindications include aged food and drink (alcohol, cheese, pickled vegetables etc), and any food prone to rotting quickly (avocado, banana, figs, yogurt, cream). It is also recommended to avoid nuts, soy, yeast and coffee. Above all, never take any harmala if you are under medication of any type, especially anti-depressant and narcotics which are known to make a very dangerous combination. If you’re pregnant, don’t take the risk. It’s not worth it. At any rate, it’s best you consult your doctor to be safe.