The Light Itself

The Light Itself

How much is too much?


I can’t give you a recommendation for a dosage of any substance. In fact, nobody can. It is based on too many factors including, but not limited to, your body weight, your mental strength, your health, your current Set and Setting, what you’ve eaten or drunk before the take… 

You can easily find recommended doses for each substance online. My piece of advice: cut that recommendation in half and expect a disappointing trip. It’s totally fine to try the substance without any ritual if you feel you need it to manage your expectations. It’s understandable to be bummed out by a mild experience after having gone through an uplifting ritual.

While searching for recommendations, you might stumble upon talks of “heroic dose”. It refers to the practice of taking the highest dose you can withstand in order to push your limits. I don’t think it’s a good idea, not only because it is dangerous, but because spiritually it’s the equivalent of flagellation. You don’t need to suffer to make any progress. Life is hard enough as it is. And improving your physical and mental resistance to a substance isn’t spiritual progress. Spirituality has very little to do with the body and the mind and very much to do with consciousness. The only power you need over mind and body is to tame them and keep them silent. That being said, if you think you need this kind of practice, I can’t stop you. 

What I find interesting though is the opposite: to try and get the most vivid experience with a dose as small as possible. With time and practice, you will notice that when you still the mind, the psychotropic effect spikes. It means that with a small dose and a still mind, you can potentially get the regular effect. I see this practice as very much worth it as it trains you to still the mind. At the end of the ritual, as the effect wanes, take the opportunity to practice stilling the mind. The reinvigorated effect serves as a gauge of success. It’s very handy.