The Light Itself

The Light Itself

Put your mind to it

The Intent

Let’s explore another aspect of the mind. We’ve seen that at the core of the entheogenic ritual is the intent. Our will power is the privilege of our industrious human mind. It’s how we live our lives, by desiring and achieving. 

The entire ritual is premised on our ability to materialize our intent. To do that we must conjure up a clear image in our mind for every word we say, every object we lay our eyes on and every action that we take. Whenever you say: “this ritual” while in the middle of said ritual, you must look around you and see all the preparations that you have done. Take them in and make them a part of you. Put the weight of the entire Setting behind every word and act. Failing to do it will only result in you repeating empty words. What is the meaning of what you are saying or doing? Bring that to the forefront of your attention. 

It can be useful to dissociate the words from the intent itself. If you think: “I’m resting in my natural mind”, there is the sentence made of words and there is the meaning carried by the sentence. Since what matters is the meaning, it can be helpful to practice dissociating the two. Try repeating the sentence in your mind and every time you repeat it remove one layer of conceptualization. Start by changing words into gibberish that vaguely sound like the sentence as if you were speaking with your mouth full. Then remove the resemblance and only think one syllable (like “aaaah”). Then remove the “sound” in your mind and imagine you’re simply breathing out. While you do this, look for the naked intent. Once you’ve found it, practice repeating without making a sentence. Notice how it feels in your mind. How is that thought different than one with words. 

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Experiment freely until you find interesting things you can use in your ritual.