The Light Itself

The Light Itself

Tasting the sacred fruit

What you can Expect

We each have our own spiritual practice our own religion. Each of them can benefit from this entheogenic ritual. Any practice involving working alone on your self (meditation, prayer and so on) will benefit greatly from the method. Please note that anything involving social interaction (such as charity work) might not benefit as much.

All practices involving God at all will share a common benefit: the first hand experience of meeting with God. Entheogen, by definition, often put you in contact with God. Whether you believe this experience is genuine or whether you believe God could never be met through “drugs” actually doesn’t matter. In my opinion, the goal here isn’t to actually meet God but to create an experience of union with the divine that will remain in our memory for a lifetime. No matter how many of these experiences you have, every single one of them will remain burnt in your memory forever. The benefit is that the next time you pray or meditate or whatever you practice is, you will recall that fond memory and you will be able to visualize what it means to unite with God. It will create a first-hand experience to which you will be able to attach the goal of your practice. Now your objective is experiential. It’s no longer a mere concept. After the ritual, you will have something concrete to latch on to. When you ask yourself what it means to unite with the divine, you remember sensations, emotions, maybe visual and sounds. I believe that alone is a priceless gift.

Other benefits from the ritual can be more specific to your practice. Here is a non-exhaustive list of benefits entheogens can provide:

  • Gaining a better understating of specific topics like reality, perceptions, Life, death, reincarnation, nature, higher dimensions, chakras or whichever metaphysical concept your faith includes. Sometimes it gives you an understanding that is literally physical (e.g.: feeling the chakras in your hands)
  • Finding creative ideas and solutions to problems.
  • Exploring yourself, who you are, why you are here. Connect to your emotions.
  • Providing life lessons (e.g.: “live life more fully” or “Stop caring about what other people think”)
  • Enhancing your abilities in a specific exercise, like silencing the mind in meditation.
  • Giving you a first-hand experience of a state that is unattainable in reality (e.g.: “what does it feel to be unbound by karma?”)
  • Providing you with an afterglow that can last for days where your practice is easier (without being under the psychotropic effect anymore).
  • Showing you some aspects of Enlightenment and specifically letting go of the mind.

I believe that no matter what your spiritual practice is, you will find some form of help in this entheogenic ritual. It will help you understand your practice better, it will make your practice palpable and it will put you in a state of consciousness that favors the practice. The ritual isn’t a shortcut and it won’t do the work for you. Your practice will still have to be done with diligence. It’s only there to help you, like a friend guiding you along your journey.