The Light Itself

The Light Itself

Resting in the silent Mind

Mastering the Mind

I have an entire section about meditation but there is one exercise that I want to keep in this section (if you are completely new to meditation, try this preliminary exercise first: Quieting the Mind). As far as I know, it comes from Tibetan Buddhism. The principle is to silence the mind and rest in that silence. You could think of it as a concentration meditation without object or as a concentration on the emptiness of the mind. 

The exercise consists simply on sitting, closing your eyes and emptying your mind. Remind yourself every now and then that this silence is your default state of mind. It can help to have a phrase that you repeat to yourself every now and then (like “I’m resting in my natural mind”). If you get used to thinking your phrase whenever you are in a specific state of mind, it will become a trigger. After a while, whenever you think that trigger-phrase, your mind will associate it with the state itself. As a result, the mind will go blank on its own, effortlessly. 

As we practice our entheogenic ritual, this trigger-phrase will come in handy. In fact, it might be the most important spiritual tool in our arsenal. The psychotropic effect will sometimes make it harder to perform any mental effort. However we might be present enough to think our trigger-phrase and the mind will comply. The trigger-phrase alone can send you in an egoless breakthrough. It can also save you from a negative spiral. Whenever you notice you are judging the experience, think your trigger-phrase and you will immediately sink deeper into the trip, away from the negative judgmental statements of the mind.