The Light Itself

The Light Itself

The calm after the storm

Post Ritual

For a few days, following your ritual, you should still feel the afterglow of the effect. Your mind will be more easily inclined to practice. You will be more introspective and focused. Anything happening in this stage must be taken with caution. If you feel like you’ve made a big step forward on your spiritual journey, bear in mind that it might only be the afterglow. Once the substance is completely gone from your system, what you took for progress might be gone. Don’t make big assumption in the few days following an entheogenic ritual. Keep practicing as you did prior and enjoy the afterglow while it lasts. This phase is a great opportunity to practice though, since the boon given by the afterglow might take you to places you couldn’t attain in your natural state of mind.

The mind wasn’t allowed to the party during the ritual. However, now is the time for the mind to shine. Take your time to ponder what happened to you. Remember the visions, the emotions and the revelations in every little detail. At this point, it is not only allowed, but advisable to interpret and analyze. Read what you consigned in your diary before you started. What were the goals you had set for yourself? How did you fare? Anytime a thought come to you, complete your diary, progressively filling the blanks. This is a more reflective and introspective section of the diary where you jot down any thought, what went well, what you want to change next time etc. Some revelations can take time to germinate, so don’t be surprised if you get a new insight several weeks later.

The next day is always a bit weird for me. I feel depressed and sad. I’m emotionally sensitive so I stay out of social interactions. I don’t practice at all that day. I take the opportunity to think about what I’ve been through. I think about stuff. I listen to music and I feel my emotions fully. I take it as packaged deal. If it does happen to you, don’t worry about it. Be patient and wait it out.

What to do when it gets tough

Bad experiences

You will have to improve your ritual from session to session, not just the spiritual side, but also everything related to the substance. The latter will prove challenging to most. Developing a technique of preparation can take months of frustrating trial and errors. Once you have it, you sill need to find a way of taking the substance that works for you. That is hard as hell even if you have a friend guiding you. If taking the substance proves difficult, it can affect your Set and give you a negative experience. There is no piece of advice I can give you here. With time, you will eventually find a method that works for you.

As you take some time to reflect on your ritual and as you analyze it, I encourage you to avoid jumping to conclusions. The entheogenic ritual is powerful. It has the potential to make you live incredible mystical experiences. They can be so overwhelming that it is is sometimes tempting to be overly optimistic when interpreting them. You might think you’ve seen something or maybe you were given some power or you received a ground breaking revelation. Don’t jump to conclusion. If you’ve read other pages on this website you must have heard me repeat a million times: there is no more fearsome demon than that of self-delusion. Once you have convinced yourself of something, it is very hard to come back. You will ignore the things that you were wrong about and you will confort yourself in a prison of illusion. Don’t fall for it. If during your ritual, you were told that you are special, it’s most likely your ego messing with you. Look that demon in the eyes and move on. The power of persuasion of psychedelics is nothing to scoff at. It can fool even the most level headed.

I’m sure you have heard of bad trips. I know from personal experience that some shamans or retreat organizers claim with a straight face that bad trip don’t happen in their ritual (like in some ayahuasca retreats for instance). It’s bullshit, don’t believe them. A bad trip is a thing and it can happen to anyone. I’m being honest with you, it can happen in the ritual presented here. It happened to someone several times. One time he unwittingly drank three glasses of lemon juice made with rotten lemon while on ingested DMT. He got mild food poisoning and the sickness got picked up by the substance. The house turned into a hospital and he spent hours seeing himself as dying from cancer. He knew I was ok. It was just a series of bad sensations. If you let it get to you, it can be rough, but “all you have to do” is remind yourself that it’s only a trip. A bad sensation is just a sensation. It is transient. That is why I teach meditation and I encouraged you to study reality. When you know for a fact that a bad trip isn’t real, it becomes nothing more than a game of patience. When you are assailed with oppressive sensations, keep your mind in check. Don’t let the mind analyze what you are going through. It will throw you on a downward spiral. Look at the sensation, however bad, with detachment. Be patient and you’ll get through it.

Why didn't it work?


If your ritual didn’t work out and you had no spiritual experience at all, here are a few thing to consider when looking for a cause:

  • Intent not clear enough
  • Expectations too high
  • You are too attached to results
  • You try to influence too much
  • The intent wouldn’t be good/useful to you
  • Intent is too specific or too broad
  • Intent is impossible
  • Intent is too complex, has too many variables and caveats
  • Not enough care was given to the Set (your state of mind)
  • Not enough care was given to the Setting (your environment)
  • Your spirituality isn’t focused enough (you pick stuff here and there without giving much thought to cohesion of faith)