The Light Itself

The Light Itself

taming the wild beast

Set and Setting

The entheogen will give you a sensory experience that goes outside the boundaries of normal reality. What appears in that journey will be heavily based on the two related concepts of Set and Setting. In order for me to explain the method, I must first talk about them.

The Set is the mindset in which you are when taking the substance. You might have noticed it with alcohol. Drinking too much has a tendency to exacerbate the mindset of the person under influence. A nervous person might become overly anxious. An angry person might lash out on people around them. Conversely, a happy person might laugh at everything and become more friendly than usual. The same can be said for psychedelics. If you are in a happy mood, the journey is probably going to be bright and fun. If you’re depressed on another hand, the trip might prove difficult. The Set is important to avoid “bad trips”. It is also the key to having a mystical experience as we are about to see.

The Setting is the environment in which the substance is taken. Psychedelics are a sensory experience that is built on what is available around you. If you are in a bar or at a party you are likely to see colorful neon lights or fireworks. If you were in Ancient Greece, in a temple of Eleusis, where the Eleusinian Mysteries used to take place, the substance is likely to introduce you to Persephone in the flesh, or so it seems.

The Set and Setting are used in the scientific circles as well as amongst psychonauts as an important lesson for safe travel. Guaranteeing a proper Set and Setting allows for a smooth ride and avoids many incidents. As such, it is important that you keep them in mind. Beyond the safety concerns, they are an important factor in our ritual. If you put yourself in a mystical mindset and surrounds yourself with a spiritual decorum that stimulates your imagination in the right direction, the entheogenic experience will be enhanced. 

This is the core principle of the method proposed in these pages. We will develop a ritual made of preparation of the place, mental inclination, a ceremonial structure, actions and words that stimulate your imagination in the right way. If done right, it will ease you into a memorable mystical experience.