The Light Itself

The Light Itself

An Essay on Attainment

Be what is lacking in the World. Create a life worth living.

And Beyond

A plan of action

Here is a proposed plan of action. We should take some times to write down a detailed description of our worldview as it currently stands. What is the Universe? What is Reality? What is the true nature of the individual? Is there a God? It might be useful to have a hard look at the method presented here and separate what we agree with from what we disagree with, what we believe from what we doubt. Our worldview consigned in writing, we can start hacking at it with relentless inquiry. Reading about philosophy and jumping from one book to the next according to our current line of reasoning.
While we constantly deconstruct our worldview and build it anew, we should take a hard look at ourselves. Let’s write down a list of our tendencies. This is awkward, but it tests our resolve. We must be honest if we ever want to Attain. Then comes the real work. We must bring those tendencies to the conscious every time they rear their ugly head. We must combat shame, pride and any obstacle to the unveiling of the naked truth. We express our resolve to defeat whatever bubbles up from the darkest corners of our Unconscious. We trust that with repetition, these tendencies will go away.
Our Mind becomes sharper, our Psyche more stable. We are ready to start meditating. Let’s take it slow and aim at 15 minutes of meditation every day. Our goal is to stick to the plan and never miss a day. Once we have attained this humble objective, we can start increasing progressively until we can effortlessly meditate for 45 to 60 minutes every day without effort. The effortlessness is crucial. We want meditation to happen on its own, because meditation is not doing, but being. It has to be natural. As for the choice of exercise itself, we experiment with both Concentration and Insight Meditation. It would probably be best to keep the deep dive in Insight Meditation in a retreat scenario for later, when we can effortlessly meditate for an hour a day. Until then, Concentration meditation will do. It will help us develop focus and clear out the junk in our state of Mind. We might even get lucky and have some genuine GNOSIS along the way.
Now we have done a few retreat of Insight Meditation and we reached Stream Entry. We met our Inner Master. We start developing a relationship. We also take some time to think about the state of our Great Work. What is the Inner Master? How does other people’s opinion compare to our own personal experience? How does this change our worldview? Are we crazy? No we aren’t! How does this Inner Master like to communicate with us, through visions, words, dreams, intuition or any other way? How can we fine-tune the frequency and clarify the communication? Finally, what is our True Will? This is a question we must ask a million times and then a million times more. We must be certain!
What is our view on magic at this point? Are we still reasonable or did we side with the crazies already? If we feel ready, maybe it is time to experiment with sigil magic. It is the simplest, fastest and less culturally charged method of magic. Let’s put it to the test and keep track of our results. This will definitely have us side with the crazies. But who cares? It’s our truth against theirs.
Here is a tentative list of key Attainments (the order presented is only a suggestion):

  • Realize through reasoning that materialism is only one of many worldviews.
  • Realize through reasoning that the self, space and time are only parameters of reality.
  • Realize through reasoning that there is no Absolute Truth but a multitude of individual truths.
  • Realize through reasoning that we don’t matter at the scale (space and time) of the Universe.
  • Break enough tendencies to confirm our method.
  • Bring projections to the conscious.
  • Successfully clear the Mind.
  • Enter the mundane jhanas at will.
  • Reach the Insight stage of Stream Entry.
  • Successfully execute enough spells (like sigils) to confirm our method.
  • Enter and control the Jhanas (supramundane).
  • Reach the Insight stage of Once Returner.
  • Reach the Insight stage of Non-Returner.
  • Enter and control Nirodha Samappati.
  • Reach the Insight stage of Arahant.

Parting words

My dear friend, once you reach total selflessness, you will become the pure expression of your Will, free from any distraction of the ego. Your whole existence will one-pointedly carve your Name on the World. You will perform the one thing you came here to do and it will vibrate to the confines of the Universe until every particle that exists resonates with You, magnificent god of your own creation.

I am gone…