The Light Itself

The Light Itself

Living in the present moment

The Basics of Insight

This exercise teaches you to be present in the moment. It also teaches you the basics of insight practice as it introduces you to the deliberate act of analyzing your sensations.

When you are having dinner, take some time to pay close attention to your sensations. Go through your five senses and observe the experience of having a meal in detail.

Sight: what is the color of the ingredients? Don’t just name generic colors, actually look at the color and describe it to yourself. How is the light in the room? Where is it coming from?
Touch: what is the texture of the food as you chew it? How does the silverware feel in your hands?
Hearing: what sound does the silverware make? How different does each ingredient sound when you chew/drink?
Smell: what is the smell of each ingredient?
Taste: this one is more obvious, but observe the details.

Give extra attention to every detail as you do this.

How was your meal? How was that meal different from one where you simply stuff your mouth? Feel free to try this with other occupations in your life, like in your shower, at the gym or while having sex.

If you enjoy the experience of being fully present in the moment, you will like Insight meditation as it will expand that presence to a point where you will notice sensations you never knew you had.