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The Light Itself

breathing exercise


Pranayama is an ancient Yoga breathing exercise. It will clear your mind. It’s a recommended practice before doing intellectual work, meditation or when your mind is cloudy. If you are interested in meditation because you want to relax or reduce your stress, this is the only exercise you will need. It will be shorter, easier and more efficient than any sitting meditation you’ll find here or anywhere else.

You don’t have to be sitting for this exercise. In fact, it’s a good habit to do it while pacing around the room. Take a long breath in through your nose, as slow as you can. Then breath out slowly, aiming at double the time. Count the seconds and keep track of it. How long can you breath in and out while remaining comfortable? Once you know a comfortable amount of seconds you can breath in and out, try maintaining it without going out of breath. A comfortable amount for most people would be 10 in, 20 out. 

Once you are used to this practice, modify it a bit by holding you breath after breathing in. You can do 10 in, 10 hold, 20 out.

Practice this for 10 minutes every now and then. Start doing it once a day, then try to squeeze a quick practice here and there during your day. Once you’re done with your practice, pay attention to your clarity of mind. 

Enjoy it!