The Light Itself

The Light Itself

The record of our journey

Keeping a journal

To keep track of your work, it is recommended to maintain a journal. After every session, take a moment to write what you have experienced. 

No need to write an essay, but be thorough nonetheless. Start with the date, your state of mind at the time and then describe the experience. Avoid the temptation of interpreting what you’ve seen. It is too soon. Instead, focus on describing the sensations. Imagine you are a biologist describing a new specie. No emotion, no analysis, no interpretation, no assumption, just facts. If it helps, dedicate an isolated paragraph to your stream of thoughts, like a regular personal diary. Make sure you don’t mix everything together or you’ll be tempted to analyze.

If you notice a sensation or an event reproduced itself, go read the description you made of it the last time it happened. Now you can compare them. Resist the urge to write down your comparison too soon. Keep it in the back of your mind and wait for other occurrences. Remember, the most fearsome demon is that of self-delusion.