The Light Itself

The Light Itself

The absolute truth is unthinkable

Uproot your Convictions

Find one value or one group of people that are very different from your own perspective in life. It can be a matter of ethics, politics, beliefs or it can be a different culture. Take some time to immerse yourself in that new worldview with an open mind. Be so open that you could let yourself be convinced by those values. Notice when you cringe, when you’re upset, angry, when you mock, when you condemn. Get rid of all of those. Let those experiences teach you open mindedness and acceptance. Imagine your brother or sister is in that group you’re studying. Would you judge your kin?

Practice this until you notice cases where you actually changed your mind about things. Learn to watch with acceptance as one of your values gets obliterated and replaced with its opposite. How do you feel? Do you feel weakened by it or strengthened? Now, how do you look at people around you as you go about your day?


All we can know about the World is what we perceive from our senses. The only thing we Know is our Reality. Therefore the absolute Truth doesn’t exist (or if it does we have no way of knowing it). Instead, we have smaller individual truths.

If you think science is the guardian of the Truth, I highly recommend you investigate that sentiment. You should come to the conclusion that science is only a consensus. Scientists don’t seek the Truth, they seek an agreement between them through peer reviews. Science agrees on certain facts until proven otherwise. Whether or not you agree with them is your prerogative.

It is a fallacy to believe that many people agreeing on something makes it true.

Don’t strive to know an absolute Truth that doesn’t exist. Instead, aspire to broaden your perspective by hearing many different smaller individual truths. When you hear an important message, be it spiritual or otherwise, don’t ask yourself “Is it true?” Ask yourself “How can this new perspective help me in my personal journey? How can it enrich my Worldview?”