The Light Itself

The Light Itself

Lucid Dreaming

I recently created a video on Lucid Dreaming for my youtube channel at the request of a viewer. Lucid dreaming, the art of being aware during dream and even sleep, is an invaluable tool in realizing the illusory nature of Reality. It also allows us to practice things we can’t in real life. I hope […]

Of Wonders – New essay released

I’ve just finished writing my last essay. Of Wonders is a creative nonfiction essay on the nature of Reality. Following the exchange between a Mystic and his Pupil, the first of the two short stories invites the reader to contemplate the oneness of the Universe by way of reason. The second attempts to bring about […]

Updated website

I’ve updated the website with my method of self-realization. It’s all in the Attainment section. I also recorded a video explaining it in a more personal way.

Clear Mind state

Recently I came across an interesting state of consciousness I call Clear Mind. I can’t find any reference to it in spiritual literature. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tibetan Buddhist referenced it, but I don’t know that tradition well enough. Either way, I wanted to describe it to you as well as explain how I […]

Revisiting a dream

A few nights ago I had an interesting string of dreams that I wanted to share with you. Through lucid dreaming, I was able to revisit a dream several times moving forward in the plot of that dream and controlling the outcome. I was dreaming a common hero saving the world dream where there was […]

The Light Itself is live!

Welcome to The Light Itself. The website is finally live. At the moment there are two main sections: The Meditation section will provide you with meditation exercises and thought experiments to help you progress on your spiritual journey. The Entheogenic Ritual section offers some ideas to facilitate the mystical experience when using psychedelics in a […]