The Light Itself

The Light Itself

Lucid Dreaming

I recently created a video on Lucid Dreaming for my youtube channel at the request of a viewer. Lucid dreaming, the art of being aware during dream and even sleep, is an invaluable tool in realizing the illusory nature of Reality. It also allows us to practice things we can’t in real life. I hope […]

Clear Mind state

Recently I came across an interesting state of consciousness I call Clear Mind. I can’t find any reference to it in spiritual literature. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tibetan Buddhist referenced it, but I don’t know that tradition well enough. Either way, I wanted to describe it to you as well as explain how I […]

Recommended Reading

ON REFUSING TO LOSE YOUR MIND Recommended Reading I don’t like giving book recommendation because when I started my journey, books kept me stuck in the prison of the mind. Books can’t Enlighten you, hell even a human teacher can’t Enlighten you. The only thing that can Enlighten you is the Light itself. Reading is […]

Measuring Progress

STEPPING ON THE TIGER’S TAIL Measuring Progress Along your spiritual journey, you’ll be tempted to evaluate your progress. It’s hard to resist the temptation (I know I can’t), but I put this section last because it’s dangerous. Their is no more fearsome demon than that of self-delusion. Once you’ve convinced yourself that “you are this” […]

The self

through a glass darkly The self At the core of the practice is the question “Who am I?”. You are not your self. Your self is a tool to interact with the world. In the isolation of meditation, the self reveals itself as superfluous. In that moment of suspension, you can see clearly that the […]

Time and Space

transcending space-time Time & Space We interpret Reality through the lens of Space-time. However, space-time is only a mental model we create in our mind. Neither time nor space exist out there. If we study space and time up close we quickly realize their limitations. They are only tools and past a certain point, they […]

Breathing Exercise

breathing exercise Pranayama Pranayama is an ancient Yoga breathing exercise. It will clear your mind. It’s a recommended practice before doing intellectual work, meditation or when your mind is cloudy. If you are interested in meditation because you want to relax or reduce your stress, this is the only exercise you will need. It will […]

Uproot your Convictions

The absolute truth is unthinkable Uproot your Convictions Find one value or one group of people that are very different from your own perspective in life. It can be a matter of ethics, politics, beliefs or it can be a different culture. Take some time to immerse yourself in that new worldview with an open […]

Insight Meditation

reality is made of sensations Sensations Insight meditation is the study of sensations in order to understand our perception of reality. Sensations are what we perceive through our six sense-doors (five senses and thoughts). They are not to be confused with impressions or emotions. Sensations give rise to them. It is their root. That is […]

Concentration Meditation

A Journey to the core Who Am I Concentration meditation consist of focusing your attention on one thing to the exclusion of everything else. The most recommended object of concentration is the breath, because it is something you do naturally. You don’t need to think about it in order to do it and you can’t […]