The Light Itself

The Light Itself


I need your help! Survey In order to improve the Entheogenic Ritual explained on this website, I would like to know more about your personal experience with it. Would you agree to take some time to answer a few questions? The information collected here won’t be shared with anyone and I will only use it […]

The Vision Serpent Ritual

My presonal ritual The Vision-Serpent Ritual The Vision Serpent is the name given to Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god of Mayan and Aztec mythology. This is how I call my personal Entheogenic Ritual. The reason why I chose this name is because in every single one of my rituals I see the way my reality […]

Example of Diary

A day in the life of a mystic Example of Diary Here is an example of diary structure. Feel free to use it for your own ritual. DateSubstanceRecipe Changes I’ve made to the ritual include: Change in the substance (take, dose etc) Choice of practice Change in Set Change in Setting My prayer of intent. […]

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide LSD Lysergic acid diethylamide commonly known as LSD or acid is a chemical substance. It was invented in the thirties as psychiatric medicine. It is illegal in most countries which is a shame because it’s a wonderful substance. On its own, it tends to give an experience that feels more synthetic which […]

Post Ritual

The calm after the storm Post Ritual For a few days, following your ritual, you should still feel the afterglow of the effect. Your mind will be more easily inclined to practice. You will be more introspective and focused. Anything happening in this stage must be taken with caution. If you feel like you’ve made […]

The Ritual

The day of The Ritual Even though the chosen practice will vary from session to session, our ritual will follow a similar structure, which allows us to develop a mental connection to each part. You are free to design it the way you like, so long as it works for you. I can share with […]


Put your mind to it Pre-Ritual We finally reached a point where we can work on our ritual. Let’s focus first on the elements of the ritual that are specific to each session. I would also like to address all the things we need to prepare the days and hours leading to the event. The development of […]

The Intent

Put your mind to it The Intent Let’s explore another aspect of the mind. We’ve seen that at the core of the entheogenic ritual is the intent. Our will power is the privilege of our industrious human mind. It’s how we live our lives, by desiring and achieving.  The entire ritual is premised on our […]

The Breakthrough

Studying the Self The Breakthrough With experience in meditation you will start gaining a better understanding of what you are. You will learn that you are consciousness, i.e. a conglomerate of sensations and thoughts. You are not your self. Your self is a tool to interact with the world. In the isolation of meditation, the […]

Studying Reality

An impression of the World Studying Reality There is a type of meditation taught by Buddhism that will be very useful for any psychonaut: Insight Meditation. It is the practice of studying the sensations that constitute reality. Psychedelics alter reality and by doing that they give us an invaluable insight into what reality is, how […]